Sue Soler, LCSW-C, LICSW

My name is Sue Soler and I’m a licensed clinical social worker who practices in Maryland and Washington, DC. For almost twenty years, I’ve worked with children, adults and families.

My current practice focuses solely on providing sensitive and thoughtful support to individuals, couples and families during the stressful times of separation and divorce. I believe that separation and divorce impact the entire family, and it’s my job to work with couples to resolve difficult issues in a respectful, positive manner.

I’m a trained mediator and have extensive experience serving as a mental health professional, in the roles of divorce coach or child specialist in a collaborative divorce process.

My focus is on helping couples and families navigate the challenges involved in separation and divorce. Sometimes, I meet with people who just want to explore the various options available to them.

Sometimes I meet with parents who want some help telling their children about the separation. Sometimes my focus is to develop a strong foundation for co-parenting after a divorce. Often, I help families with all of these issues.

For more information on my services, experience and contact details, please feel free to look around my website and find out more. If you have questions or want to discuss my services further, please contact me by phone at 301-461-8688 or by email. I’d welcome the opportunity to talk to or meet with you.