Child Specialist


Bringing the voice of a child into the collaborative divorce process.

  • The goal of divorcing collaboratively is to help the couple work successfully to achieve a positive resolution that minimizes the negative financial, social and emotional consequences to the family.
  • The collaborative process is unique in that it affords the family an opportunity to resolve disputes respectfully without going to Court, communicate in an open manner and create shared solutions that meet the needs of individual family members.
  • Sue serves as an advocate for your child by giving him/her an opportunity to voice concerns and ask questions about the divorce process.
  • Sue will speak to your child, assess your child’s needs and communicate them to both parents.  This helps parents stay focused on their child’s needs and make child-centered decisions.
  • The child specialist does not make recommendations regarding custody, evaluate for fitness, determine appropriateness of parents or develop the parenting plan.
  • The role of a child specialist is limited and is focused on gathering information on your child and providing that information to you and the team so that you are able to create a parenting plan that meets the needs of your individual family.