Divorce Coach


Providing support and guidance to individuals in a collaborative divorce process.

  • The goal of divorcing collaboratively is to help the couple work successfully to achieve a positive resolution that minimizes the negative financial, social and emotional consequences to the family.
  • The collaborative process is unique in that it affords the family an opportunity to resolve disputes respectfully without going to Court, communicate in an open manner and create shared solutions that meet the needs of the entire family.
  • Sue supports individuals in a collaborative divorce process by helping to manage emotions related to the divorce and reduce stress.
  • She assists her clients in determining what is most important in the divorce process, and creates goals to address what clients want for themselves, their children (if appropriate) and the family, both now and in the future.
  • If there are children involved, Sue works to assist parents in developing a comprehensive parenting plan, and teaches parents communication skills to enable a positive co-parenting relationship.