Mediation | Consultation


Meeting with couples as a third party neutral to resolve parenting issues

  • The goal of mediation/consultation is to offer couples an opportunity to express their concerns, better understand each other’s perspectives and reach an agreement that is mutually acceptable.
  • As a trained mediator, Sue serves as a third party neutral, facilitates a positive, respectful conversation between the couple in a confidential setting and can speak with children to bring their voice into the process. She brings her understanding of the impact of separation and divorce on couples and children to help clients make choices that are thoughtful and based on the needs and interests of the whole family.
  • Sue provides a safe and supportive setting to help parents talk through challenging parenting issues and allow parents to be highly involved in making these decisions.
  • Parents may want to discuss a list of discrete parenting issues or may want to work with Sue to develop a comprehensive parenting plan which addresses decision-making, when a child will see each parent, how to manage the holidays and other important communication protocols.
  • Sue can also facilitate a respectful conversation with a couple to discuss whether separation or divorce will take place and age-appropriate ways to tell their children about the change in their family situation.